from by The Whaling Wall



i had a dream that night
that things were simpler than they are
that i could hold you
and you weren't so far

with my eyes shut tight
you were more than just a ghost
you were breathing and laughing
but the closer we got the more i choked and i woke

and please don't let me go
cuz i am almost home

i was alone again
i shut and rubbed my eyes
and constellations
flooded and jumped into the sky

but they were strangers
they were maps of things i hadn't seen
and whatever i had thought was you
was just pouring from dead galaxies

so i'll breathe into your ghost
and maybe i'll bring you home

in the dream you said "i love you"
at the time, i found it true, through and through
but the thing that said "i love you"
was a misremembered version of you

in the dream you said "i love you"
and from far away i thought it was true
but when you said "i love you"
i knew at once it couldn't be you

so as long as i'm awake i'll try to fix my mistakes
and whenever i'm asleep at least in dreams i know you'll talk to me

the dream died down
the stars gave up their perch
and your ghost blew past me
twirling around the elms and birch

so for now i'll say "i love you"
in the morning light i recognize your face
as you turn and mouth
"i love you"
but it's still too difficult for you to say


from Hauntology, released January 17, 2014



all rights reserved


The Whaling Wall Montreal, Québec

i am a dude from montreal who wrote 4 songs when he was sick in bed.

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